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Testimonials and Recommendations Cont.:
(Excerpts from letters on file)


"Sherrill Steitz has been taking my mother from her assisted living facility in Ventura to all of her doctors' appointments. She asks doctors questions that my mom doesn't think to ask and is careful to relay doctors' orders to the Wellness Center at my mother's facility. Beyond that, she is extremely kind and patient with a woman who is very anxious, increasingly forgetful, and often crotchety.

It's a great relief to me to know that I can share with Sherrill responsibility for my mother's well being and be sure that Sherrill will take care of all the details that I would myself-and more. In short, I can highly recommend Sherrill Steitz as a Care Manager and the services that she offers."

Pam H., Educator, Los Angeles, CA

"Sherrill Steitz worked as Geriatric Care Manager for my aunt Mary. She is an extremely competent, well informed woman. She acquired two highly skilled caregivers to care for my aunt. Since I was performing my conservator duties from out of state, Ms. Steitz needed to keep me apprised of the day to day details through email and phone, which she did most effectually. Her record keeping is meticulous and I cannot recommend Sherrill as a Professional Geriatric Care Manager highly enough." 

Ellen M., Conservator and Trustee, Springfield, VA

"Sherrill Steitz was hired to help my sister accept her sickness and be at peace with the fact that she did not have long to live.  My sister immediately bonded with Sherrill and I am confident this made a tremendous difference in her final time on this earth to be at peace and prepare for death. Sherrill assisted with funeral arrangements, conducted a beautiful memorial service and was very sensitive to the needs of the family. Ms. Steitz was a great asset and help and it wouldn't have been the same without her warm, caring, yet professional services."

Niki L., Medical Office Manager, Ventura, CA

"I have known Ms. Steitz since 1995, she is a very hardworking person with high integrity who is racially unbiased and nonjudgmental. In addition to being conscientious, dependable and trustworthy, she is a genuinely caring person who has brought to her geriatric care management that extra understanding so necessary in the care of the ailing elderly.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Steitz."

Adell J., Private Investigator (Retired), Beaverton, OR

"Sherrill is a former graduate of our Gerontology program at California State University, Northridge.  She has exceptional communication skills, and has devoted much of her life to the assistance of others. Sherrill is a very giving, gentle mannered, up-beat and positive person, with a heart that truly cares for the elderly.  It is with honesty, integrity and a passion to serve that makes Sherrill such a tremendous asset for any organization, or working independently with her clients."

Louis R., Ph.D., FACHE Health Administration Program, CSUN
Associate Professor


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