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Testimonials and Recommendations:
(Excerpts from letters on file)


"Sherrill Steitz of Integrity Care Managing & Senior Living Solutions, Inc. truly lives up to her company name. I was referred to her by a friend, during a very challenging time with a parent who had multiple health crises occurring and requiring a whole new level of care. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, while concurrently feeling sad about the struggles my mother was now facing.

I found Sherrill to be deeply compassionate, she listened deeply and ultimately was able to provide us with resources and direction that took a great deal of stress off of us. She continues to be a wonderful source of support as we move toward what is unchartered territory for us, but that she has so much experience in.

She knows how to build trust and I completely recommend her to anyone who is facing aging parents needing high levels of home care or otherwise.” 

Carmina McGee, MS, RDN

"I have had the extremely good fortune to work with Sherrill Steitz of Integrity Care Managing in connection with locating suitable placement for, moving and providing ongoing assistance to a trust customer who suffers with cognitive and physical impairments as a result of a brain tumor.

Sherrill has demonstrated exceptional judgment and ability to negotiate resolution in complex problems. Even more importantly, she has demonstrated that she has “heart”—her compassion has been evident at each of the most difficult moments in this process.

I would highly recommend Sherrill Steitz to anyone seeking assistance in a case management function."

Diane A., Trust Officer, Scottsdale, AZ

“I can with complete confidence recommend Sherrill Steitz and her company Integrity Care Managing. My wife and I have had to arrange for 24 hour in home care for both of her parents. And the process that we went through to find qualified and quality professionals was very difficult. Many workers came and went before we found people that were honest, caring and competent.

This was absolutely not the case with Sherrill and Integrity Care Managing. My father, a well- respected long time Physician in Ventura/Oxnard needed 24 hour live in care.  Sherrill took the time through in-home assessments and subsequent follow-ups to find out exactly what Dad needed. The quality of Care Giver that she provided was the best I have ever seen.  I am still in awe of the service they provided for Dad and our family.

So without reservation I can say that if you or your loved ones need quality, skilled, professional, and yes, loving home care, do not hesitate to use Sherrill and Integrity Care Managing”. 

Tom & Kathy F., Greenbrae, CA

Sherrill Steitz, Elder Care Manager was contacted by a good friend of mine’s daughter to do an In-Home Assessment for her 87 year old mom, as possible self neglect, and a sundry of other issues were of grave concern.

She confidently but gently addressed many immediate needs such as safety concerns and brought the proper equipment needed in the home, addressed medication management and discussed many care plan options with us. Her wealth of experience was very evident and invaluable.

It was agreed upon that a 24/7 caregiver was needed but was not going to be an easy task finding someone that my “set in her ways” friend would be happy with! Yet Ms. Steitz quickly found an excellent, experienced caregiver who has been a Godsend.

As DPOA for both Medical & Financial, I am thrilled to have the assistance of ICM …knowing we are in the very competent caring hands and heart of Ms. Steitz.

Jean W. Real Estate Broker, Ventura, CA

“I have to say my mom is sooooo happy!  I think this is the first time in her life she is getting cared for and nurtured in the way that she deserved.  She can't stop talking about how much she likes the caregiver you found her.  He cooks wonderfully, does so much cleaning in the house- that she is ecstatic.  She has never been so happy.  And I have to think he is wonderful for being able to handle her.

Thank you Sherrill for providing us with such a wonderful capable & kind caregiver who has made her so happy! Also, for all the invaluable recommendations & assistance with implementing them so quickly after the initial assessment- What a dynamic turn around since you have come on board! I feel very confident my mom is in good hands”.

Karin S., Software Engineer, Glendora, CA

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